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5 Great Reasons You Should Give Candles as Gifts
5 Great Reasons You Should Give Candles as Gifts

Candles are often the first thing that comes to mind when it's time to pick a gift for someone (or, at least, they are for us). They're small but thoughtful and pretty universally loved.

But are candles a good gift? Do people want them, or are they just another thing to clutter their house?

We like to think candles are always a great present, no matter the occasion. But it's technically a subjective question.

If the gift recipient doesn't like candles, it's pretty clear they aren't a great choice. If you're asking because you feel self-conscious about giving a friend a candle (maybe again), here are five reasons candles are a great gift.

They come in many styles

Candles come in so many variations, especially today. You can buy:

  • Tea lights 
  • Tapers 
  • Pillar candles 
  • Wax melts 
  • Unique shapes and containers 
  •  And more!

All these styles let you pick the right candle for your giftee. A candle-obsessed friend might appreciate a uniquely shaped taper to add to their collection, while a small jar candle is perfect for the casual candle enjoyer.

Skull candles in various colors are a perfect gift for your quirky friend!

They’re dual-purpose

A lovely thing about candles is how you can use them for more than one thing. Historically, they were used to light the home. Although we're blessed with electric lights now, lighting a candle is still a wonderful way to add extra light and a cozy feeling to any room. Even when they aren't burning, they look pretty sitting on our shelves or desks.

We keep our candle labels simple so the focus is on your home, not a wildly printed label.

Today, they also provide lovely smells to our homes. Scents can change our mood from gloomy to happy, calm to energized. They can bring back memories of specific times or places.

This dual purpose makes them great gifts for a wider variety of people. Those who like a good-smelling home will enjoy a fun scented candle. For those who don't like fragrances, give them an unscented candle to use for decoration or cozy vibes.

They work for all occasions

There's almost no occasion where you can't give someone a candle. Small candles are perfect for gift baskets, stocking stuffers, or “just because” presents. Bigger ones are great housewarming or birthday gifts.

You can even match the scent or look to the occasion. A pink candle in a floral fragrance for Mother's Day, a peppermint candle for Christmas, or your friend's favorite scent or color for their birthday.

Our floral jar candles make great gifts!  They are gorgous, the scent is fruity & floral, and their beautiful, reusable jars add an elegant touch to any decor, making them both a practical and stylish present.

They’re personalizable

There are probably thousands of candle scents to choose from today. It can be a little overwhelming, but it also means you can find the perfect candle fragrance for any gift recipient.

If they like comic books, get them a Spider-Man candle. You can get them an “adulting” scent if they like funny gifts. You can get one based on their birth sign, birth flower, or birthday.

Many smaller candle companies even allow you to create a custom candle. You can pick the scent combination, label, and sometimes even the container the candle comes in. This makes a memorable gift for your closest friends or special occasions.

They’re inexpensive

Not every gift needs to be extravagant and expensive. While candles can range in price, you can get a good-quality candle for $30 or less. Smaller candles can even be as low as $5.

Wax melts are super affordable and a great present for anyone.  Pair a couple different scents with a brand new wax warmer.

You can even get handmade candles from Etsy or other small businesses for a reasonable price. They're better than what you can get at big box stores (and sometimes cheaper). You can support a small business and give your giftee a candle they can't get anywhere else.

Candles are a wonderful gift for most people in your life. Don’t be afraid to give them as presents if that's what you enjoy.

Looking for a unique candle to give as a gift? Check out our selection of 100% soy wax jar candles made with natural scents right here in the USA.

Post by Rachel Meyer      

 Main Blog photo by Antoni Shkraba

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