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Our 22 Best Soy Candles of 2022 | Mountain City Candles
Our 22 Best Soy Candles of 2022

Scented candles are fundamental to creating a cozy home atmosphere. They lead you on adventures without even leaving your home, simply by scenting your room. Aroma lies at the heart of what makes a candle so comforting. 

At Mountain City Candles we believe that balancing scents is an artform, weighing the true, center, and backside perfume notes. Each component of a fragrance will tell a story through your scented candle, and we set out to tell very compelling stories. 

All of our candles feature soy wax with no additives, phthalate free fragrances, and cotton wicks. 

To help you find the right scent for you, we've gathered our favorite candles to help you choose the best candle for your home.


Strawberry Cheesecake

scented candles 

New York Style cheesecake smothered in juicy strawberries resting on a base of graham cracker crust.

Primary Scents:  Strawberry, Sugar, Cream, Graham Cracker


Lavender Driftwood 

scented candles

I'm not a fan of lavender scents, but our lavender driftwood puts a masculine, earthy spin on an otherwise potent floral candle.  

Primary Scents:  Strawberry, Sugar, Cream, Graham Cracker


blueberry Cobbler 

scented candles

Baked vanilla and mouthwatering blueberries create a luscious, buttery bakery scented candle. Blueberry Cobbler features sweet vanilla bean and warm brown sugar.

Primary Scents:  Blueberry, Butter, Sugar, Graham Cracker


Island Citrus 

scented candles

We absolutely ADORE this fresh citrus candle.  If you're a fan of the popular Volcano scent, you will love this citrus scented candle.  It's a very cheerful, bright fragrance! 

Primary Scents:  Mandarin, Orange Peel, Lime, Sugar


Oakmoss & Amber

scented candles

Oakmoss & Amber is a contemporary scented candle that appeals to a wide range of people. The scent begins with orange, grapefruit, and sage, which enhance the natural earthiness of lavender, oakmoss, and amber.  

Primary Scents:  Oak, Amber, Lavender, Orange


Hazelnut coffee

scented candles

Sugar, cinnamon, honey, butter, and vanilla rounds out our Snickerdoodle soy wax candles and melts, which are inspired by these light and delicious edibles. 

Primary Scents:  Hazelnut, Coffee, Coconut, Vanilla


beach crush

scented candles

You can almost smell the suntan lotion in this beautiful summer candle.  

Primary Scents:  Coconut, Tonka Bean, Orange


Ocean Breeze

scented candles

If this is what an ocean breeze smells like, I'm moving to the coast.  Salty ozone & fresh citrus with a smidgen of violet.

Primary Scents:  Ozone, Citrus, Oakmoss


Apple Pie

scented candles

Freshly baked green apples and Grandma's perfect pie crust.  What an amazing bakery candle!

Primary Scents:  Green apples, Cinnamon, Vanilla


Fresh Linen

scented candles

Our fresh linen candle really does eliminate unpleasant odors leaving behind a fresh laundry scent.

Primary Scents:  Ozone, Cotton, Linen, Lemon, Musk


Bayberry & Silver oak scented candles

This candle has become my most favorite Christmas Candle.  Bayberry with a little spice and smooth woods creates a beautiful holiday scent.

Primary Scents:  Bayberry, Apple, Clove, Amber


Cinnamon Spice

scented candles

Spicy cinnamon and clove are wrapped in a sweet layer of vanilla for a gorgeous fall candle.

Primary Scents:  Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla



scented candles

Sugar, cinnamon, honey, butter, and vanilla rounds out our Snickerdoodle soy wax candles and melts, which are inspired by these light and delicious edibles. 

Primary Scents:  Cinnamon, Sugar, Honey, Vanilla


spiced honey & tobacco scented candles

My mother-in-law's favorite candle!  Sweet honey intertwines with tobacco leaves in a delightful combination.

Primary Scents:  Bergamot, Honey, Tobacco, Oud


caramel crunch scented candles

Scrumptious caramel, maple, and pumpkin blend in Caramel Crunch. The aroma of caramel fills any space with a sweet and salty fragrance.

Primary Scents:  Butter, Caramel, Maple, Pecan


christmas cookies scented candles

This candle smells even better than rolled cookies baked and smothered in vanilla icing at Christmas time.  A very sweet, and very strong candle.

Primary Scents:  Vanilla, Graham Cracker, Raisin


christmas tree scented candles

When people smell this candle their reaction is always the same.  "Woah, this really does smell like a Christmas Tree!"

Primary Scents:  Eucalyptus, Pine, Cypress, Tonka


bourbon butterscotch scented candles

Incredibly sweet and strong, bourbon butterscotch smells like a silky smooth cocktail of strong bourbon with vanilla cream.

Primary Scents:  Cream, Butterscotch, Bourbon, Vanilla


banana nut bread scented candles

My husbands fav!  Smells just like warm banana nut bread from the oven.

Primary Scents:  Banana, Walnut, Nutmeg, Tonka, Vanilla


Black raspberry vanilla scented candles

This one is my Mom's favorite candle!  Vanilla and raspberries mingle throughout your space making you feel totally at ease.

Primary Scents:  Raspberry, Blackberry, Vanilla


Apple Harvest scented candles

Exactly the right balance of apples and spice for the perfect fall candle.

Primary Scents:  Apple, Vanilla, Orange, Nutmeg


Pumpkin roll scented candles

Our best selling candle this year was Pumpkin Roll.  Fresh pumpkin, brown sugar, spices and vanilla fragrance the ultimate fall desert candle.

Primary Scents:  Pumpkin, Sugar, Allspice, Molasses

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