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What Are the Benefits of Citronella Candles?
What Are the Benefits of Citronella Candles? And Other Common Questions

Many of us love spending summer evenings outside. But bugs like mosquitoes can make enjoying our porches and yards difficult. Enter the citronella candle. 

You’ve probably heard of them before. They’re a summer staple for many people. But if you’re here, you’re curious about the real benefits of citronella candles. 

This post answers all your questions, from what citronella is to if it’s safe to use. Let’s start by answering the first question.

What is Citronella?

The key ingredient in citronella products is citronella essential oil, distilled from the leaves and stems of Asian lemongrass plants. In the past, people used it for treating wounds, rashes, and other health conditions. Today, we use it for its insect-repelling abilities.

Benefits of Citronella Candles

Bug Repellent

Most people use citronella candles to protect them from mosquitoes and other pesky bugs. The scent helps confuse mosquitoes’ sensors, which means they can’t find or bite you.


A mosquito repellent device costs you thirty dollars or more. A citronella candle costs only $5-12 and can last most of the summer. It’s a great budget-friendly option for summer parties and cookouts.

Beautiful Decor

Don’t want to clutter up your yard with ugly bug-repelling devices? Place some citronella candles around your yard. They look pretty even as they work to keep the bugs away.

Good Smelling

Who enjoys the smell of chemically created bug spray? No one. Citronella is natural and has a fresh, relaxing scent everyone likes.

Mountain City Candle Co. Citronella Candles

Frequently Asked Citronella Candle Questions

Do citronella candles work?

Citronella candles do help repel bugs. But it’s a short-term solution, best used with other insect repelling methods, such as fans or natural bug spray.

What do citronella candles keep away?

Citronella candles help protect against bugs such as mosquitoes, flies, gnats, ants, and ticks. They don’t work against bees, wasps, or other biting insects.

Do regular candles keep mosquitoes away?

No, regular candles lack a scent that masks you from mosquitoes. The carbon monoxide they release might even attract more bugs.

Are citronella candles healthy?

Like any essential oil, there’s a small risk of harm when misused. But it’s perfectly safe for human use when used in a candle. But if you notice the scent causing any respiratory problems, stop using them immediately. 

Citronella is harmful to cats and dogs, however. Keep your candles out of their reach, and don’t burn them inside to prevent respiratory issues in your pets.

What are citronella candles made of?

It depends on what brand you buy your candles from. At Mountain City Candle Co, we make our citronella candles with USA-grown soy wax and natural beeswax. This combination prevents them from melting even on the hottest summer day. They’re scented with natural citronella essential oil to help repel bugs while smelling great all summer.

How long do citronella candles work?

Citronella candles are effective for 2-3 hours before their scent is too weak to repel bugs. Try using several places around your yard for maximum effect and combine it with natural bug spray.

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Citronella candles aren’t for everyone. But there’s nothing wrong with burning them in your yard this summer to repel bugs while smelling great. 

Want to pick up a few citronella candles before the summer’s over? Check out our collection, now on sale while supplies last. Once sold out, they’re gone for the year, so get shopping! 

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Post by Rachel Meyer

Main Blog photo by Tim Mossholder


Catherine Offord

Date 12/13/2023

Catherine Offord

Date 12/13/2023

Catherine Offord

Date 12/13/2023

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