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The 12 Best Ways to Display Pillar Candles At Home
The 12 Best Ways to Display Pillar Candles At Home

Pillar candles are a beautiful piece of home decor. Since they don’t come in a container, the candle is on full display. And in recent years, they even come in various shapes, like skulls or the popular bubble candles. 

But how do you display them since they’re so different from your standard candles? Do you just pop them on a table and be done? You can, but plenty of other beautiful, interesting ways to display pillar candles around your home exist.

#1:  Solo

You can display your pillar candle by itself if you don’t plan on burning it or have a surface you don’t mind getting wax on. Displaying candles alone looks best if you have a decorated or novelty pillar candle.

#2:  Candle Dish

Candle Dish

A candle dish is another way to display colorful or uniquely shaped pillar candles. As the name suggests, a candle dish is made of anything from wood to concrete to hold a candle and keep the wax contained. They look lovely and are easy to place anywhere.

#3:  Tray

The next step up from a candle dish is displaying your candles on a tray. Just pick one that’s non-flammable and easy to clean. It’s great for displaying a pillar candle collection or combining them with other decorations, like vases.

If you choose a wood tray, be sure to burn your candle on a non-flamable surface, on top of the tray.  And never leave your candle unattended.

#4:  Candlestick

You probably think candlesticks only work with tapers. But there are candlesticks with wider openings designed to hold pillar candles. They look amazing as a table centerpiece or mantlepiece decor.

#5:  Candle Stand

A candle stand is like a candlestick but features a flat top surface rather than a shaped holder. This allows it to hold a candle of any size or shape, from small tea lights to oddly shaped pillars. Candle holders look amazing anywhere, whether on the floor or on a table.

#6: Candle Holder

Buying a candle holder can turn a plain pillar candle into a beautiful jar candle. This is great if you want a jar candle without a scent or want to use up your pillar candles. Simply slip the candle inside the holder and place it anywhere.

#7:  Pots

Do you have any terracotta pots or empty planters sitting around? Put your pillar candles inside them. It’ll add a lovely warm glow wherever you put it while keeping any melting wax contained.

#8: Wine Glasses

Create a unique display by putting a small pillar candle inside an oversized wine glass. You can even find huge novelty wine glasses to hold your larger candles. It’s a fun decoration to add to any dining room, kitchen, or bathroom.

#9:  Candle Cloche

Use a glass cloche to keep dust from gathering on your candle and around the wick when it is not in use.  These bell shaped dome covers are not only showcases for your gorgeous candles, but they also help retain the aroma.

#10: Lantern

Decorative lanterns are a wonderful place to display your pillar candles. They work indoors and out, and the flickering candle makes your lantern feel realistic. If you buy a lantern to burn candles in, make sure it has a door for easy access.

#11:  Candle Hurricane

A hurricane candle holder is a glass container designed to protect your flame from drafts and reduce soot. You can place them anywhere, and they make a beautiful decor piece.  From fluted glass to more modern shapes, highlight your specific style while burning your candles with elegance.  

#12:  Wall Sconce

If you want a more permanent way to display pillar candles, try getting a wall sconce to put them on. They come in many styles, with a container or platform to hold the candle. It’s the perfect display piece for a hallway or entryway.

There are many ways to display those pillar candles hiding away in your drawer. So pull them out and find a way to use them in your home rather than leaving them to collect dust. 

If you want to get pillar candles to display, check out our collection of 100% soy wax pillar candles. These handmade candles have a sixty-hour burn time and come in multiple colors and scents, helping you find the perfect candle for your home.

Post by Rachel Meyer 

 Main Blog photo by cottonbro studio

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