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How to Create a Stunning Easter Centerpiece with Candles
How to Create a Stunning Easter Centerpiece with Candles

One of the highlights of Easter is eating dinner with your family and friends. It's a time of fellowship and good food to celebrate the holiday.

A simple way to elevate your Easter dinner is by creating a beautiful centerpiece for the table. It's the perfect chance to flex your decorating skills or put to use all those decorations you've got lying around (like a bunch of cute candles).

You've come to the right place if you'd like to learn to make an Easter centerpiece. In this post, we’re sharing our top Easter candle centerpiece ideas to help you do that. When you finish reading this post, we hope you feel confident enough to assemble your own table decor.

Easter Candle Centerpiece Ideas

If you clicked on this post, we're going to assume you collect candles and want to put them to use in your centerpiece. You're in luck because we have a bunch of great ways to use all types of candles in your decorating.

Easter Table Candle Centerpiece

Pillar Candles

  • Place a pillar candle on a candle stand and surround it with fake grass or moss.  
  • Put them in the center of a jar filled with Easter candy (but don’t light it unless you protect the candy from the heat). 
  • Use them as bookends on either end of your centerpiece.  
  • Place three or five in a long tray in the middle of the table.  
  • Put them inside fake birdcages to lean into the spring theme.

Egg or Bunny Candles

  • Put egg-shaped candles in an egg container in the middle of your centerpiece. 
  • Scatter bunny candles throughout your decor for a cute touch. 
  • Balance egg candles on top of candlesticks. 
  • Put egg candles in a bowl surrounded by moss for a nest effect. 
  • Make a vignette with your bunny candles, moss, flowers, and chocolates.
easter egg candles

Pastel Candles

  • Place pastel pillar candles on matching colored stands. 
  • Put a tray with a bunny statue and several candles in pastel jars in the middle of the table. 
  • Surround your flowers with candles. 
  • Put them in the middle of an Easter wreath on the table. 
  • Place them in clear glass jars among your centerpiece, letting their colors shine.

Taper Candles

  • Put two at either end of the table to highlight your centerpiece. 
  • Mix and match tapers with pillar candles and tea lights to add dimension to the decor. 
  • Put them in blown glass candlesticks along the table. 
  • Get a candelabra and make it the feature of your centerpiece. 
  • Put them in tall glass jars surrounded by greenery.
easter egg taper candles
Easter tea light candles

Tea Lights

  • Make floating tea lights and scatter them along the table. 
  • Fill colored glass jars with a tea light and surround them with greenery. 
  • Put a tea light in an egg-shaped holder next to each person’s plate. 
  • Take doilies or flat paper flowers and put a tea light in a jar on top. 
  • Put them in a jar with some sand and add it to your centerpiece.

Now that you’ve got some ideas for using candles in your centerpiece, it’s time to put one together. In four simple steps, we'll show you how to create a beautiful showstopper for your Easter table.

Step #1: Decide Your Theme

Before you start decorating, decide how you want your table to look. Classy, natural, colorful?

Choosing a theme makes your table look cohesive and well-thought-out. You'll also want to make sure you have all the decor you need to achieve your centerpiece vision.


  • A specific color (pink, blue, yellow, etc.) 
  • Rabbits 
  •  Easter eggs (or regular ones) 
  • Easter candy 
  • Rustic outdoors 
  • Playful and colorful 
  • Flowers and florals 
  • All white

Step #2: Prep the Table

Take everything off the table you plan to use. Wipe it down, removing any sticky spots or crumbs before you start. Don't skip this step. You will notice any lumps in the tablecloth once everything's finished.

Next, add your tablecloth. It'll make your table look more cohesive and formal. If you don’t have one that matches your theme, you can never go wrong with a classic white cloth.

If you want to add flat decor to your table, now is the time. Consider putting a table runner or a wide piece of ribbon down the center of the table as an additional layer for your centerpiece. It'll look beautiful and professional.

Step #3: Create the Centerpiece

Now it’s time for the really fun part. Flexing your creative muscles and putting together your centerpiece.

How you do this depends on what type of centerpiece you’re creating. We suggest browsing Pinterest for inspiration before you start. Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Use items of different heights to add more dimension to your centerpiece. If a lot of your decor is the same height, try putting a few items on a tray or board to raise them up. 
  • Add greenery to give your centerpiece a more cohesive look. Use grass, moss, leaves, and even garlands to surround your items and pull them all together. 
  • Throwing in fairy lights is never a bad idea. And you can hide the cord under the greenery or other items. When in doubt, add flowers. Never underestimate the power of a simple vase of flowers in the middle of your display. 
  • Add in chocolate for a sweet touch. Egg-shaped chocolate, such as Cadbury or Dove eggs, is perfect for this.

Step #4: Finish Setting the Table

Your centerpiece is complete and looking fine. All you have to do now is finish setting the table. Since this is a holiday, it's the perfect time to pull out your best dishes, cloth napkins, and glasses.

Don’t forget the little finishing touches while you’re setting the table. Add placemats to each setting. Consider folding your napkins into fun shapes or tying them with twine or ribbon. Add place cards in your best handwriting, especially if you have guests.

With that, you have a lovely Easter table that you can be proud of. Even if your centerpiece is a vase of flowers with a few bunny statues, it’ll elevate your holiday meal experience.

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