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10 Interesting Ways to Use Room Spray Around Your Home
10 Interesting Ways to Use Room Spray Around Your Home

Room sprays are an easy way to refresh any room in your home. They're safer than candles and make less mess than wax melts. If you pick a spray made with natural ingredients, you don't even have to worry about toxins.

Most people think room spray's only use is what the name implies. While using it that way is fine, there are actually quite a few ways to enjoy their amazing smells.

In this post, we'll show you how to use room spray in ten different ways around your home. Get ready to finish off all those unused bottles under your bathroom sink or on a shelf in storage.

1.  Bedding

To help your bedding smell fresh and cozy, give your sheets, pillows, and blankets a few spritzes of room spray before making your bed in the morning. You can also spray them with a lavender spray before going to bed to promote restful sleep.

use room spray on bedding

2. Bathroom

The bathroom is probably the first place everyone thinks of using a room spray, for a good reason. It helps keep the room from getting stinky, musty, or unpleasant. Choose a gentle scent so the room spray doesn't overwhelm the bathroom.

3. Kitchen

Fragrances are a great way to remove the smell of old food from your kitchen. But burning a candle while you're distracted trying to cook could lead to an accident, possibly even resulting in a kitchen fire. A natural room spray is a much safer way to go.

4. Entryway

Before you have guests over, do a few pumps of room spray by the front door. When your company walks inside, a pleasant, welcoming smell will greet them. This can be especially helpful if you store shoes or pet care items in the entryway.

5. Hairbrush

If your room spray also doubles as a body mist, add a spritz to your hairbrush before getting ready in the morning. The scent will transfer to your hair and leave it smelling sweet all day long. Just make sure that the room spray is formulated for both to prevent potential allergic reactions. If it isn't, try using perfume instead.

use skin safe room spray on your hair brush

6. Luggage

Suitcases can get musty when sitting in your closet or attic, waiting for your next vacation. Try adding a dash of room spray inside before storing your suitcase away to keep it smelling fresh. You can also spray inside before using it again so your clothes smell great when you reach your destination.

7. Closets and Drawers

Speaking of clothes, another great place to use room spray is in your closet or dresser. Adding a few spritzes every few months leaves your clothes smelling delightful without using fabric softeners or air fresheners. You can also use it on your towels and other linens for similar results.

8. Yoga Mat

Yoga mats can get a bit smelly after having your bare, sweaty feet all over them. Wipe your mat down with a damp cloth, then give it a once over with room spray to combat the smell. Pick an energizing scent like citrus or mint to help improve your workouts.

9. Office

Whether you work at home or at a traditional job, a little room spray in your office can go a long way to making it more pleasant. Use a relaxing scent if your job is stressful or an invigorating one to give you more energy throughout the day. Just make sure none of your co-workers have allergies before spraying it everywhere.

use room spray in your office space

10. Car

A room spray is a great alternative if you’re not a fan of car air fresheners. A few sprays in the interior can last weeks or months, removing any gross smells lingering in the air. Pick a natural formula spray to prevent breathing in unhealthy chemicals while you drive around.

Room sprays have many uses for all areas of your life. Which of these ways is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Looking for a new, all-natural room spray to use around your home? We make our sprays with 100% natural ingredients, including essential oils, witch hazel, and grain alcohol, and come in a variety of delightful scents. They also double as a body mist!

Post by Rachel Meyer

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Susan Wilkinson
Yan Krukau

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