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Spring Cleaning your Closet and Freshening up Your Closets
Spring Cleaning for your Closet

As the snow starts to melt and the birds build their spring-time nests our thoughts turn to cleaning and organizing.  A new season usually means changing temperatures and our clothing should reflect this climate change.  It's time to move your out-of-season clothing out of your closet to make room for what you'll wear most often.

Spring cleaning is for more than just your windows take some time to organize and clean out your closet during this time of year to get it ready for the warmer weather. Instead of having your closet crammed full of a year’s worth of clothing consider storing everything but the current season’s apparel.  Take an inventory of items that can be worn year round and which ones you know you won’t be donning again until the leaves start to turn and pack them away.  Rubber storage bins are convenient, sturdy and long-lasting – perfect for this type of job.  Label the outside of the container with the type of clothing you are storing inside, whose clothes they are, and when the bin should be brought back out (e.g. sleeveless tops, mom, spring/summer).  

A tip for younger children: include the age range and sizes of the clothing on the outside.  This can save you the time of pulling out clothes that will no longer fit and they can go right into a donation bin or passed along to a younger sibling. If you have a closet big enough to hold your entire wardrobe consider rotating your clothes instead.  Just as you would put the food you should eat first at the front of your cupboards or in the fridge, bring the outfits you will wear to the front of your closet.  You can get dry cleaning bags or use garbage bags to cover your out of season clothes so they will stay clean and fresh until you are ready to wear them again.

Keep your closets smelling clean and fresh with our odor eliminating closet sachets.  Scents of fresh linen and clean laundry will fill your closets, eliminating the musty odors and unpleasant smells.  And the best part is that our closet sachets are very affordable, come in many different designs, and last up to 6 months!

Mountain City Candle Co.
Handmade in Frostburg, Maryland

Fresh Linen Closet Sachet

Tuck this aromatic sachet into a drawer, closet, trunk, shoe, your car, or any enclosed space you want to keep fresh and fragrant. Each linen sachet bag is filled with aroma poly-beads, fragranced with Fresh Linen & Odor Eliminator. Just shake to refresh!


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Fresh smelling closet sachet

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