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The Ultimate Candle-Lover’s Christmas Gift Guide
The Ultimate Candle-Lover’s Christmas Gift Guide

Candles are a classic Christmas gift. But if you have a friend obsessed with them, finding a gift they’ll love (and don’t already have) can be challenging.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. This guide contains all sorts of unique gifts for any candle lover, from a subscription box to tee shirts. You can also add these items to your own Christmas list. We won’t judge.


For the Friend with Every Scent

Personalized Candle 

Does your friend already have every candle scent imaginable? Get them a personalized candle with their name or birth flower instead. Or take it a step further and customize a scent specifically for them.

For Ambient Light Lovers

Votive Candles 

Votives no longer only come in white. You can find them in multiple colors or with cute toppings. They look lovely scattered around a room or put on display.

soy wax votive candles

For Craft People

DIY Candle Kit 

Give a candle making experience! A DIY candle kit is an easy, low-cost way for them to try creating candles without buying a lot of supplies.

For Friends Who Love Surprises

Candle Subscription Box 

With a candle subscription box, your giftee receives a new candle at their door every month. Depending on your budget, you can get them a three, six, or twelve month subscription.

Candle Subscription Box

For Home Decor Lovers

Shaped Pillar Candles 

If your friend loves to display candles rather than burn them, buying them a uniquely shaped pillar candle is a wonderful choice. You can find candles shaped like anything they’d enjoy, like skulls, busts, hands, and more.

christmas tree pillar candle

For the Eco-Conscious Person

Candle in a Reusable Jar

Once you’re done burning a candle, you end up with a useless jar. These days, you can find candles that come in mugs, pint glasses, and other containers to clean and reuse once you’re done with the candle, reducing waste.

candles in reusable jars

For the Foodie

Food Candles or Wax Melts 

If your friend loves food and candles, get them a wax melt combining both. They’re trending on social media for their hyper-realistic appearance and make a great gift.

macarons wax melts

Candle Accessories

For Techie Friends

Fancy Lighter 

 A nice lighter is a great stocking stuffer for candle-loving friends. It could be traditional or electronic, high-tech or vintage.

electric lighter rechargeable

For the Old-Fashioned One

Matchstick Holder 

If your giftee prefers matches to lighters, get them a cute match holder. You could get a ceramic matchbox, a match cloche, or a fancy jar, all designed to hold and strike matches.

match holder

For Accessory Lovers

Candle Snuffer 

Blowing out a candle is fine, but putting it out with a snuffer is so much more fun. Don’t worry if your friend already has one. It never hurts to have a backup.

candle snuffer

For Tidy Friends

Wick Trimmer 

A wick trimmer is a mess-free way to keep your wicks neat and ready to light. Slip it into their stocking or create a candle care kit with a trimmer, lighter, and snuffer.

Wick Trimmer

For Those Who Love to Display Candles

Candle Holders If your friend loves decor, get them a beautiful candle holder to display around their home. There are lots of types and styles, so you’re sure to find something they’ll love.

candle display holder tray

For the Fire-Conscious

Wax Melter 

If your friend loves candles but is uncomfortable burning them, try getting them a wax melter. It uses electricity to melt candles, flame-free. You can also include cute wax melts for them to use.

mason jar plug in wax warmer

Candle Themed Gifts

For the Graphic Tee Lover

Candle Tee Shirt 

Help your friend display their love of candles with a fun graphic tee shirt. Shop around for a pre-made tee shirt, or go on Zazzle and create your own.

candle t shirt

For the Coffee or Tea Drinkers

Candle Mug 

If they don’t like tee shirts, try getting them a mug with fun candle sayings instead. Or combine the idea of a reusable candle container and a fun mug for the ultimate gift.

For the Picky Friend

Gift Card 

If you really don’t know what to get your candle-loving friend, purchase a gift card to their favorite candle store. That way, they can choose the gift they’d appreciate most.

candle gift card

The pressure to find the “perfect” fit is high. But remember, it truly is the thought that counts. 

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Post by Rachel Meyer   

Main Blog photo by Laura James

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