Get ready to win!  

Candle Gift Basket

Prize #1:  

1 large candle, 2 small candles, 6 wax tarts 

OR a $50 gift card to

Handmade Cutting Board

Prize #2: 

Handcrafted cutting board by Jason Becker

There will be 2 winners for the Spring giveaway.  The first winner will choose between the candle & tart package pictured above, or a $50 gift certificate to  The second winner will win the hand crafted cutting board, also shown above.

Tickets are only $1 each and 100% of the proceeds are donated to Stumbaugh Motorsports to help Nick build his new racecar.

A fundraiser for Stumbaugh Motorsports

Our friends, Nick and Craig Stumbaugh are a racing team for Stumbaugh Motorsports, from Cumberland MD.  They race in Cumberland, Bedford, and Hagerstown, and are an amazing team dedicated to their stock cars, racing, and their fans.  

Nick suffered a car wreck at a race in August 2020, and while Nick had a concussion, whiplash, bruises and cuts, thankfully he was okay.  His car, however, is not.

Nick, and his dad Craig, are huge supporters of my candle business, as well as my husband's auto repair shop.  It's time to pay that support back today when they need it the most!!  Let's help them build Nick a new car!

Build progress:

Nick Racing, 2020

Enter Now!  Only $1 per entry!

Entering is easy!  Log in to your Paypal account and click SEND MONEY.  

Type Nick's email address, [email protected], your dollar amount, and a note, and click Send.  

Or use Venmo to send your entry to [email protected] .

Watch the Drawing LIVE

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What's in the Basket?

Click the button to go to Paypal.  Type Nick's email address, [email protected], your dollar amount, and a note, and click Send.