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100% American Soy Wax Candles Handmade in Frostburg Maryland

Mountain City Candles are made from 100% American Grown Soybean Wax.


  • Clean Burning with No Soot!

  • 100% American Soy Wax with no additives

  • Eco Friendly and Sustainable

  • Long Burn Times

  • Vegan
Soybean farm in Bloomington, IN, USA

Mountain City Candle Co. uses soy wax that is made from soybeans grown right here in the USA, primarily in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana.   The greatest advantage to using soy wax for our candles is that it's a completely renewable resource, available in our own backyards.   

The candles you buy from Mountain City Candle Co. today are made from soy that was likely in the ground less than a year ago.   And chances are that the same fields are growing more soy for your future candles. 

USA grown, renewable, biodegradable, eco-friendly... what's not to love? 

 The candles at Mountain City Candle Co. are of the highest quality, so they burn evenly, cleanly, and slowly.   Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4" before each light, and the carbon soot from your candle will be kept to a minimum.