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Wholesale Candles for your Retail Store
Wholesale Candle Solutions

So, you wanna sell some candles?

If you own a brick & mortar business and you'd like to sell some candles in your retail space, we would love to help you out.

We pay special attention to each of our retailers because we want you to be successful with your candle sales.  We want you to make lots of money!  And we want your customers to be 100% satisfied with our product, and your retail store.

Selling Mountain City Candles couldn't be easier.  Once a customer smells one of our candles, they'll smell 5 more.  And then comes the decision... not if they should buy, but how many and which ones.  Our candles smell so amazing that they truly sell themselves.  

We're on our way up!

We are a fast growing, independent company with a reputation for amazing quality and fantastic scents.  Our candles and melts are all incredibly true-to-life fragrances, and they are handmade with particular attention to detail for a high quality candle that you can't find in a big corporate store.

Private Labels Available!

Purchase our candles with no label and apply your own!  Or have us print your labels for you!  Your private label gives you complete control on your pricing and profits.  If you can market your product well, your profit margins are capable of climbing very high.  Designed with your brand in mind, your unique candle scent will be available exclusively at your business.  Build your brand with your own strong scented, 100% soy wax candles.

Private Label Candles

Meet some of our partners

Gladstone Mercantile 

 Inspired by the delicious wines at Toast Goat Winery, Gladstone carries 6+ exclusive candles that pair with their wines & brand.  Three Hot Blondes, The Goatfather, and Dry Gin & Cypress are among their most popular branded candles.


Mills Park Hotel

Mills Park Hotel chose a scent that highlights the elegance of their hotel while making their guests feel comfy & cozy.  Delightfully fresh, this clean candle delicately blends the calming scent of line-dried laundry with light notes of powder and sandalwood.

Spectrum Designs 

 The universally appealing cookie dough candle is the best cookie scent you will ever smell, seriously.  And it can only be found at Spectrum Designs in Frostburg, where they deliver modern interior design to all of their neighbors near Frostburg, Maryland.

Savage Mountain Firearms 

 Masculine scents of leather + tobacco fill the air of your new favorite local gun shop.  Their two branded candles represent them well, and are loved by both men and women who visit their shop.


 What would your branded candle  smell like?  Contact Tammi.  She'll learn about your brand, develop some scents for you to try, and give your customers a brand new candle experience that will remind them of your store every time they smell it.

Are you within 50 miles of Frostburg Maryland?  

Let me know when I can stop by to drop off our basket of samples!  

For local businesses only we offer:

  • Wholesale Discount
  • Free Delivery
  • No Minimum Order Quanities
  • Branded candles at no additional charge

Contact Tammi to learn more. 

Not in the Frostburg, MD area?  You can still purchase wholesale!

  • Wholesale Discount
  • Free shipping!
  • Your order ships within 8-16 days.   
  • Minimum order of $200
  • Branded candles at no additional charge

Please fill out the application below, or contact Tammi for more information.

Tammi's Cell:  203-536-6801 

Email:  [email protected]