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Our Handmade Candle Ingredients | Mountain City Candles
Our Handmade Candle Ingredients

The ingredients in your candles aren't always transparent.  In fact, it's downright impossible to find out exactly what goes into your candles in most stores.  And how crazy is that?  You're buying a product that you light with fire and it fills the air in your home with who-knows-what - and you breathe it in.  And there's nothing in writing about it anywhere.

Nuts.  That's just crazy.

So here you go.  Here are all my ingredients - every single one.  There's nothing sneaky happening with my candles - just pure, honest good stuff.

100% Natural Soy Wax

About Soy Wax

Phthalate Free Fragrance oils

I hold fragrance oils to a very high standard.  Not only do they have to smell amazing, but they must be SAFE for your home.  Our oils are phthalate free, and they also exclude materials on the Prop 65 list.

phthalate free fragrance oils

Natural Cotton Wicks

The wick controls the burn of your candle!  Too small of a wick will tunnel a hole through your candle, and too large will have a huge wavy flame and waste your candle away too fast.  

natural cotton wicks

Reusable Candle Jars

I'm always on the hunt for perfect candle jars!  They must be affordable, strong, and look incredible.  Have a suggestion?  Email me at [email protected].

Reusable candle jars

Seriously Great Candles

All of these ingredients add up to some seriously great, highly fragranced candles.

handmade soy wax candles

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